Monday, 1 March 2010

bullying in the news

now here is an interesting post about bullying, by Adrian Windisch. I still haven't said everything I know about this, and there are people who got out of Reading Labour and who are still picking up the emotional pieces. However, the corrupt little clique at the heart of Reading Labour is almost gone. Former Cllr Howarth says he is no longer political, so he continues to be Martin Salter's brain bank. The boat-owning Mr S himself will be out of the political picture soon, though I suspect he will remain the flunkey of Reading Borough Council for a while. Dictatorship Dave "moronic members of the public" Sutton is long gone, gratifyingly booted out by the electorate. And I do not imagine that the corrupt clique will retain the leadership of Reading Borough Council beyond the next few weeks. And whoever is Prime Minister will have faced the electorate in order to get that position. I have just read former Labour General Secretary Peter Watt's book, straplined "cowardice and betrayal at the heart of New Labour". Watt was done over, mainly by Gordon, when matters which had been there before his time were exposed. And he didn't like it. When will they learn that a kicked dog is likely to bite you next time round?

Significant other and I were sorting out some of his old photos last night, and boy did we find some interesting ones.

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Anonymous said...

However, very glad that Watt was made to suffer - and why should we cry for him - he's made a mint out of his trashy book after The Mail serialisation.

Watt is one of those simps who is more than happy to put the boot into other people - because he is following what he considers to be 'the line' regardless of the justice or otherwise of the case.So if Gordon gave him a metaphorical slap, then good for Gord. For once.