Monday, 1 March 2010

el gordo goes to a marginal

Reading, to be precise. Do not know if he went to Reading West this morning, the pic was taken in Reading East. If they only went to Reading East they would not have needed to inform Salter. Behind Gordo and Alan Johnson is Cllr Tony Page, failed Labour candidate in Reading East in 2005, cannot see if Anneliese is there, she is usually kept firmly out of sight.
update: Silly Boys' and Anneliese's websites still silent on the visit. Rob Wilson, incumbent conservative MP for Reading East since 2005, straight in with an email to all those signed up to his e-newsletter, with questions he thought Gordo should have answered. The meeting was of course not open to the general public. We are told.

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Anonymous said...

Does Incapability Brown always need the entire local police force to protect him from his adoring public ?