Tuesday, 23 March 2010

public impact, a public apology

er, don't hold your breath. Was has posted saying that the writer/s of the Reading East Banner ought to make a public apology to the geographically-challenged Cllr Daisy Benson. I think Public Impact, who are still the publishers of that organ, should apologise anyway, for their lies, incompetence and sheer utter crapness. However, I have not seen the publication Was refers to so I have no idea what they said about the pulchritudinous Daisy. Would love to know. Was, quite correctly, refers to the "dead hand" of the Reading Labour boys. Also correctly, he refers in this connection to the comment about himself attributed to former Cllr Dictatorship Dave Sutton which included "who's only contribution". Former Cllr Sutton may well be, and is, a liar who connived at bullying and corruption during his time as council leader, but he can read and write, and spell. Which former Cllr Howarth, prop. Public Impact Ltd (remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?) cannot.

Your witness.

update: Daisy is polite though:

Hi Jane,

Thanks for pointing out the typo on our blog - I've now corrected it.Best wishes

Cllr Daisy BensonLiberal Democrat CouncillorRedlands ward


Anonymous said...

from Naz site:

Naz Sarkar talks to John Prescott on a recent visit to Whitley in South Reading. John is an intrumental part of the the gofouth campaign

- s'posed to be "foulmouth"??

Anonymous said...

You are right - she is pulchritudinous, but isn't it an awful word? At first glance it seems quite insulting.