Friday, 26 March 2010

game or coarse?

The leader of the Opposition, David Cameron, has been interviewed in Angling Times and has said he supports angling and that the rod licence is likely to be retained.  No surprises there.  He wasn't asked whether "East Europeans" were responsible for the decline in fish stocks in England's rivers, as Mr Salter has so often informed us they are, more's the pity, I would have been interested to see his response.  The boat-owning part-time MP Martin Salter, who does not put in a full day in the House because he feels the need to spend part of it in Reading doing clerical work in his constituency office and photocalls in Reading East, did however put in a welcome and rare appearance in the House, the response to which however was

Does the Minister agree that the hon. Member for Reading, West, should not be playing cheap politics with anglers in this country?

And so say all of us.


Anonymous said...

East Europeans are definitley pillaging our fish, that is an established fact, so are otters.
Trouble is that trying to take action against either is, excuse the link, opening a can of worms.

howard thomas said...

In the words of an English angler who caught an eastern European about to whack a carp with a hammer, "hit that and I'll hit you".
Fact! witnessed by a friend.
This is happening and it shouldn't be, there are no excuses for going to another country and breaking their rules.

Anonymous said...

If that's their culture then clearly it should take precedence over English law.

Any other viewpoint would just be racism.

Love Harriet

jane said...

so - is it worse, or even relevant, where people come from when they behave badly towards fish?

Anonymous said...

Apparently it is.

If you're from key voter demographic for Labour, perhaps will a strong group postal voting mentality, you're allowed to routinely kill animals in ways which would be front page news if practised in laboratories.

howard thomas said...

No Jane ...its irelevant on their origin....they just happen to be eastern European