Monday, 8 March 2010

skinflint or what?

If I had done this I would not want publicity for it. From His Master's Voice

Tilehurst pupil Helen Cole got some help towards her fundraising target from her local MP.

Reading West MP Martin Salter sponsored the Little Heath School student in her quest to fly to Morocco for a trip to North Africa.

On Thursday, February 25, Mr Salter visited Little Heath School to present Helen with a cheque for £20. She hopes to raise a total of £1,009 in time for her flight at Easter.

The trip is an opportunity to experience the culture of the country as well contributing to Education for All, a global project which aims to provide the opportunity of a college education for girls from rural communities.

Yes, you read that right. Not 250 quid. Not 100 quid. Twenty. From the boat-owning Mr S who is on 65 grand a year plus expenses, he does not pay for his own chocolate. Mr S has always been mean with money, he was once heard (by me) to say that he had paid 150 quid for the suit he was wearing at the time, which was probabll true by the look of tte garment in question, but Mr S was presenting the amount as if it was a lot of money.

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