Friday, 19 March 2010

Hansard can be fun

for this reason (the MPs' interjections):

Mr. Jenkin: Order!
Mr. Speaker: Order. I do not need any help from the hon. Gentleman. I have the greatest affection for him, but he should not tell me how to do my job. He is a very able fellow, but I am not sure he would know where to start. What I want to-[Hon. Members: "Ooh!"] I am not sure he would.

and for this, because what is said in the House is without spin:

Mr. Rob Wilson (Reading, East) (Con): On a point of order, Mr. Speaker. On Monday 1 March, the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary visited my Reading, East constituency. Neither contacted me, but the Prime Minister's office did inform the press, the council, the police and the neighbouring Labour MP. I seek your guidance first about whether that lack of courtesy is acceptable.

and for the reply, which shows that despite the spin that Salter got Speaker Bercow his job (he didn't), the debt that Speaker Bercow may or may not feel he owes Salter does not extend to spitting on the conventions of the House:

Mr. Speaker: The hon. Member for Reading, East (Mr. Wilson) raised the subject of the normal courtesy of notifying a Member whose constituency one is visiting on public business. I say to him that I think that it is very desirable that that courtesy should always be observed, and that it is regrettable when it is not.

I have no idea whether Speaker Bercow knew that the PM genuinely thought he was visiting Reading West, because Salter had told him so.

He does now.

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