Thursday, 25 March 2010

support the Caracas One!

this weekend there are expected to be mass rallies in London and other major cities in support of the opposition politician jailed for "crimes of opinion" in Venezuela.  Freedom of speech will be marched for.  Left politicians and thinkers will mobilise and will write letters to the Guardian in support of the cherished values of international solidarity.

You do know I made this up, don't you readers?


Anonymous said...

I think you are showing your anti-left bias again, Jane.

jane said...

funny how you people always give yourselves away by using my name in your comments. So - locking up dissenters is OK if it is done by someone Ken Livingstone likes?

Anonymous said...

What would you like me to say - "Oy, you with the funny hat?". I have some sympathy with left-wing governments which lock up their critics because they have to contend with such an un-level playing field. The press, business and the entire capitalist world are ranged against them. Read what the Daily Mail and the Daily Express say about the Labour Party and then multiply it a thousand-fold.