Tuesday, 23 March 2010

so it goes

a correspondent writes re the deselection of Anne Moffat MP:

The NEC has just confirmed its support for the decision of the East Lothian CLP to de-select Anne Moffat.
She is now officially de-selected.
The official statement said that her 'style' and 'manner of carrying out her duties' was disliked.
Anne has described the de-selection as the worst experience of her whole life. She has said that she is extremely angry and is considering the possibility of taking legal action against the Labour Party.
The NEC is imposing an all woman shortlist and has lined up a 26 year old parliamentary researcher to act as the Barbie or the Sindy - or whatever is now deemed by the NEC, to be the appropriate role of a female Labour MP.


Anonymous said...

Don't get mad, get even.

Stand as an Independent.

Go girl.

Anonymous said...

Might sound tempting but there are two difficulties:
1. Anne has not left the Labour party - it has left her.
2. The financial cost of standing without a party is pretty prohibitive - plus all the business of running a campaign entirely on your own.

I hope Anne takes the legal route and that she can get funding for this.
Also, I have a feeling that words might be written about the treatment of Labour women by the Labour Party.
After all, Labour is approaching its second consecutive General Election - at which, as usual, it wants to attract women voters, having made a public statement that its ok to de-select Labour women MPs.
Jane in 2005; Anne in 2010 - who will be next?
Oh, and what about all those less than useless male Labour MPs who have unfortunate 'styles' and who carry out their'duties' in a manner disliked by the CLP?
What happens to them?
Oh, silly me! They join the Cabinet!

Anonymous said...

Anne Perkins has sort of hinted at the unfairness of women MPs being treated the way they are in today's Guardian. She mentions Anne. But there is more and better to be said and it will.

Anonymous said...

Well - it has been. At some length. Depends whether the dead trees will dare to print it.