Tuesday, 30 March 2010

showgirls and the Mafia

I do not get Silvio Berlusconi.  The above is what he seems mostly to be about, and what is possibly worse, he keeps taking time off from politics to have cosmetic surgery.  Seems like a buffoon to me, but a buffoon who owns the Italian media.  And now his party sweeps the board in the Italian regional elections just held.  I do not know Italy or Italian politics very well, and sadly cannot yet speak the language, which is so beautiful to hear, but, well, there's  nowt so queer as the electorate sometimes. 


dreamingspire said...

If you have done O Level Latin, you might find Italian quite easy - except that the meanings of many of the words have changed in 2000 years.

jane said...

I have done O-level Latin, a very long time ago, and I am sure you are right. I spent the summer of 2006 teaching English to Italian teenagers and I could understand quite a lot of what they said.