Monday, 1 March 2010

fox hunters support the Tories

well, given that it appears that the Tories have said they would repeal the ban, it would hardly be surprising that a large majority of those who like hunting foxes with dogs support the Tories. Nor that they would turn out to help that party when an election is looming. So what is Reading Labour getting so upset about? There's a grainy photograph, apparently taken on a not-very-good mobile phone, which shows, er, some people in a car park. They are hunt supporters, we are told. Apparently you can tell they are hunt supporters by the cut of their jeans. Or that they look a bit funny. Or something. And these hunt supporters have been turning up in said car park to be given leaflets to deliver in Reading West.

So. Political party uses volunteer supporters to deliver leaflets. Shock. Who does Reading Labour think should be delivering the Tories' leaflets? The council? Oh sorry, that has already been done. At least Mr Salter told us it had and that "his T&G men" delivered his election leaflets in Reading Borough Council vans.

On the subject of elections, we have the regionals here on 14th and 21st March. And I have no vote in them. Grrr. There was a rally yesterday, with red flags and hammers and sickles. Bring back the old certainties, that's what I say. Bring me Stalin and St. Paul (That's enough. Ed.)


Anonymous said...

The master of mirth continues:

"Give me back the Berlin wall."

I've twice tried to post this as the Flashing Blade but it told me I had to be logged in. I was so I'm here anonymously.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, foxhunting, that old chestnut.

700 hours of debate in Parliament.

Going to war in Iraq, 7 hours.

Silly old Saddam didn't make a million pound donation to Labour, unlike the bunny huggers.