Saturday, 27 February 2010

Teresa Pearce

is the Labour candidate for Erith and Thamesmead,, as any fule kno. When I published some gossip about her, bringing up events from her past, on this blog recently, she wrote to me, not denying the allegations but threatening legal action. I left the post where it was. It is still there. She has had plenty of time since then to commence legal action, but I have heard nothing. So she has gone off the idea. Pity. I was looking forward to hearing her tell a packed courtroom she didn't vomit in Brighton, and to hearing those who were present testify to the contrary. How unbelievably pompous it is for a private individual to threaten to sue, especially when that private individual hopes to be in public life as an MP in the near future. If she can't abide unpleasant coverage she had better not go into public life. And if she does not want horrid things to be said about her she had better not behave in a way which attracts such coverage.

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Anonymous said...

Exactly so - and why have we heard nothing from her journo-swain, one K McGuire?

He was keen to promote her as the next saviour of Labour womanhood.
On whose say so?

Unless this vomit story is nailed, Ms Pearce will find it repeating endlessly, so to speak, throughout her political career - normally when she is teetering on the edge of success.

Heat and kitchens come to mind, although perhaps this is a trifle culinary?