Tuesday, 2 March 2010

some questions to answer

1. Why was Anneliese either not invited to meet Gordon in Reading East yesterday, or if she was she was not seen in photographs, unlike Cllr Page?

2. Did Gordon Brown and Alan Johnson write to the Reading East MP to inform him of their impending visit to his constituency, or did they, as ministers have regularly in the past, rely on briefing from Mr Salter to the effect that the whole of Reading is his constituency?
update: no they didn't, according to the Reading East MP in His Master's Voice, although Salter was invited to the meeting in Reading East.

3. Why is there no mention of the visit on the websites of Reading Labour, South-East Labour, Nasty Naz or Anneliese at the time of writing, some 24 hours after the visit?
one fraudulent tweet so far, posted by Nasty 24 hours after he said it was.

4. Did anyone from the Labour Party talk to Sky News, who last night had an item about Reading West as a key target seat but in the absence of Labour half-filled the item with quotes from David Cameron?

5. Did Gordon and Alan visit Reading West, if so what did they do there and if not why not?

Answers please.

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Anonymous said...

According to the Chronicle story on Brown she's on holiday, but considering she hasn't been seen in Reading for months maybe she's doing some gardening.