Saturday, 6 March 2010

an archduke was shot down in Bosnia

I am in Sarajevo, which so far is interesting, a beautiful pink sunset on the snow when we arrived, ripped off by the taxi driver but otherwise a friendly welcome, the call to prayer heard on seemingly every street corner but many bars serving alcohol - Bosnia, land of contrasts, hein? Any readers who know this country and this town, please get in touch, I would like to know more.


Anonymous said...

The shooting of the archduke ended with the slaughter in the Belgian and French trenches and the re-drawing of the middle east and Africa.
The Munich appeasement and then the occupation of Poland ended with the concentration camps and the nuclear bombs in Japan.
All actions have unintended consequences, so how could those who rescued Iraqis from Saddam's mass killings be blamed for the current killings of Arab Muslims by other Arab Muslims?

Anonymous said...

They should have learned from history but people never do.