Monday, 1 March 2010

she's back in the attic!

well, where else? Anneliese I mean, been locked up again in Singleton-White's attic. The only coverage of Gordo's visit to Reading today was in His Master's Voice, and I could not see any members of the public present, just a phalanx of police. Oh and Cllr Tony Page. But not Anneliese. It is almost as if, ever since Reading East selected its Labour candidate, there have been two candidates. The Official candidate, Anneliese Dodds, who is rarely seen in public, and who is placed firmly at the back of any photo-opportunity. She was not seen shaking Gordo's hand, in fact was not seen at all. But Tony Page was, oh yes. He is the Continuity candidate. He is the one the Reading Labour boys want to stand in the election of their dreams. He is the one they would have selected after 2005, but instead they discovered to their utter horror that the candidate was going to have to be a GIRL. We thought we'd put a stop to GIRLS being allowed to stand for election, they said to each other. Poor loves. I wonder if Gordo went on to Reading West to do something for Nasty Naz. I wonder if Salter turned up, or was he too busy messing about in boats. I wonder why the Reading Evening Post featured Tony Page so prominently in its coverage and left out the parliamentary candidate. I wonder.

update. Sky has been in Reading today and interviewed Alan Johnson in the Town Hall, mentioning that Labour needs to win Reading West. Er, that's it. They probably thought they were in Reading West, having been given the Salter map of Reading.

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Anonymous said...

She is back in the attic because she is not yet House Trained.