Tuesday, 13 April 2010


here is the picture published in His Master's Voice of the launch of the Reading Labour manifesto.  Responsibility for quality of picture theirs.  Not the Labour Group manifesto or the Former MP's manifesto, but Reading Labour Party's manifesto.  Except that the chair of Reading Labour Party, one Trish Thomas, is not present.  A former Labour MP is pictured, with three or four councillors, two of them apparently councillors for Minster ward who are not candidates.  The candidate for Minster, Marion Livingstone, was not informed of the photocall, I am told.  And of course there are other candidates, not least Tory Tickner in Abbey ward, who are not present either.  And why is Mr Salter present?  Does he hold office in Reading Labour Party?  Is he standing in for Trish Thomas?  I think we should be told.  What arrant nonsense.

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