Thursday, 15 April 2010

oh yes they did

a letter in His Master's Voice from Cllr Ruhemann can be seen (if your eyesight is good) to the left.  It seems that Cllr Ruhemann's and Martin Salter's previous support for development on Kennet Meadows has been spotted, and that Cllr Ruhemann does not like it.  He talks about a 1992 development proposal, which he did indeed oppose, but I would draw your attention to a paragraph towards the end of the first column (fisking mine in red), which says "much the same consortium came forward in 2002 and this time offered Reading council part of the meadows as public open space in return for dropping opposition to housing on the site, which you forgot to mention Pete,  We were sceptical so sceptical that you and Martin Salter went all over the media shouting about "homes for people" but they seemed initially to be offering some protection to the Meadows though it soon became apparent that they intended only to leave us who was "us"? the Reading people who would like somewhere to live? whose interests both of you had been loudly promoting in the media?  no, you'd forgotten about them already and were just thinking of your committee-room councillor chums a narrow strip to the north of the canal."  He goes on to talk again about the 1992 scheme, and having begun the letter by describing the previous letter stating that he "strongly supported the developer's programme" (which is true) as "libellous", ends by saying "I won't sue him, but he is wrong".

Go on Pete, sue.  Pete?  Pete? (sound of tumbleweed)

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Anonymous said...

I remember Dave "moronic members of the public" Sutton standing up at a Reading GC with a map (that has echoes of something....)fresh from the Prudential developers of the proposal and selling to the meeting of Reading Labour Party the benefits of the new proposal. It was after the proposal received a positive response at that meeting (which Pete Ruhemann was present at)that Salter et al went on the media saying how fab the new scheme was, homes for people etc...