Monday, 26 April 2010

ask the candidates

in Reading to make a pledge that they will not, if they achieve control of Reading Borough Council, use council facilities for party political purposes.  Those who should know better have commented on this blog as follows

Wrong. It is been paid for for at least the last 7 years. What you did for Abbey Ward meetings in the 90's is ancient history.

24 April 2010 19:59

the point was about booking rooms in the Civic Offices.  It was in 2002, about seven and a half years ago, that a council officer's reply to a question from me revealed that rooms were being booked, free, on a regular basis for Reading Labour Party.  For the specific booking I asked about (made by Cllr Zim One Lovelock) an invoice was produced retrospectively.

they should have ignored my post.  Now they have admitted corruption in Reading Borough Council under Labour control, all candidates should be able to pledge that they will not, or will no longer, use council facilities for party political purposes unless paid for at the commercial rate.

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