Wednesday, 28 April 2010


well, forgive me here in "far-flung" (as Mr Salter used to call anywhere that was not in Reading East, including most of Reading West) eastern France for being out of touch with events in Dear Old Blighty, but (a) what did that Mrs Duffy actually SAY?  I have not seen any reports of what inspired Gordon to call her a bigot.  I wonder why?  Surely if her remarks were reasonable and pleasant and constructive we might have been allowed to hear them? and (b) what was Gordon doing in Rochdale of all places?  Trying to win it back for Labour?  after Lorna Fitz's glorious record?


Anonymous said...

Poor old G should have stayed well clear.

Probably Peter Mandelson deliberately set the woman up and then bugged Gordon.

What lengths they will go to.

But could have been much worse.

Lorna Fitz - she of the electric hair - could have jumped out and demanded al fresco sex, with a lacing of drugs and three in a bed. This was her usual cocktail - as proudly boasted to The News of the World shortly after her election in 1997.

Anonymous said...

I think if you hoof on over to order-order you'll find all the amusement you need.

I'm off for a snifter to celebrate the days work.

Anonymous said...

Well, I personally think that you should control your alcohol intake.

Maybe we are going to be ruled as from May 7th by a load of drink-soaked tossers who have buckets next to their plates in restaurants so they can honk into them - but that doesn't mean that the rest of us should emulate Reginald Bosanquet.

Book your place in de-tox now and shut up.

Anonymous said...

The most I've seen so far is from Rundle,

"Mrs Duffy had accosted Brown in his walkabout there on a whole range of issues -- the deficit, tax, education, etc -- and when she finally got full face time she revealed herself as a former teacher of special needs children, and someone not keen on Eastern Europeans.

"I don't tell people I'm from Rochdale, I'm too ashamed of it now," she said, a quote not getting much airplay in the subsequent report. "I mean these Eastern Europeans, where are they coming from?"

Brown, at this point, must have been repressing the urge to say "Eastern Europe, you daft bat"

Adrian Windisch said...

The Woman said; "all these Eastern Europeans what are coming in - where are they flocking from?"

Guido covers every detail.

It was played live on the news channels, the nation watched her front door for 40 minutes. Couldn't make it up.

Reading Labour Loyalist said...

Happy Birthday Fraudsters Friend.

Five years ago Stuart Singleton-White had less than a week after his birthday to get his present with a Tory MP in Reading East and the subsequent near wipe out of Labour councillors in Reading East. One week from now he could get the present of the other Labour MP being lost and a Tory MP in Reading West and the start of the destruction of Labour in Reading.

His work will be done.

Anonymous said...

Gordon's antennae will have(wrongly) gone off when the woman used the word'flocking'. Labour MPs have heard this word, together with its relative 'swarming' many times in relation to immigration and usually not said a mile away from people with a BNP mentality.

Of course this is not who Mrs Duffy is and Gorodn got it wrong - but it was an understandable miss hearing - as any idiot would know who is acually involved in politics rather than an armchair Rawnsley.

Anonymous said...

Well what a lot of fuss about a genuine mistake for which Gordon has gone over the top in apologies.

Hey, man, as Tony might say.Gordon is not Jesus or Barack Obama, therefore he is human and does not deserve to be taken to Calgary and crucified, offered vinegar on stick, stabbed in the side and shut in a tomb with a boulder over the mouth and a set of Roman centurions outside. Get a life.

Anonymous said...

A genuine mistake, huh.

His "genuine mistake" was getting caught, in allowing the real Brown to be aired.

He clearly views ordinary voters (even those stupid enough to vote Labour) with utter disdain.

Hilarious stuff.

Anonymous said...

And, last Anonymous, you are being too modest. You are clearly either Jesus or Barack Obama.

Because of course, you have never said anything nasty about anyone in your life, have you? You have always turned the other cheek and kissed your enemies, screaming 'Hit me baby one more time' when they kick you in the guts with a right hook and follow up with a left to the jaw.

That you? Thought not, matey.

You are probably one of the lovely Reading Labour Party members who trashed your last Labour MP in public venues the length and breadth of Reading and replaced her with a convicted sex offender.

But of course that wasn't 'viewing ordinary voters with disdain' was it?' You weren't exposing 'the real you', were you?

Thought not.
Whatever happens after May 6th, one thing is clear. Only Jesus or Barack Obama can stand for selection as a Labour MP , let alone aspire to lead it. And, as far as I know, they are both currently unavailable and therefore out of the running....

Anonymous said...

"You have always turned the other cheek and kissed your enemies, screaming 'Hit me baby one more time' when they kick you in the guts with a right hook and follow up with a left to the jaw."

Did Sky cut the bit where Mrs Duffy did that to Gormless, or are you just a teensy-weensy bit of a drama queen ?

Oh, and I think Jane was a fine MP in her time. Perhaps one day she'll come back.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Duffy has trousered or skirted, whatever your fancy, £80,000 from the News of the World and The Mail on Sunday for her 'story'.
Drama, shama, just a load of old Tories, regardless of her 'Labour' background.

And if Jane did 'come back' I hardly think she'd be interested in a couple of Tory seats like Reading East and Reading West.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, so now Mrs Duffy is all part of a Tory plot. Is your tinfoil hat perhaps getting a little tight ?

I suppose Hell hath no fury like a party scorned.

And who mentioned Jane coming back to either Salter's old manor or Reading West ? I just said "back".

Alisha said...

Pesonally I think that this has been blown out of propotion! He was polite enough to not say it to her face! At the end of the day everyone has opinions about people and he had one about her, he is just human! I've talked about this on my blog aswell. People expect a person in a certain position to act in a certain manner, I understand that, but he didn't say anything that bad! You and others shoould visit my blog aswell and let me know what you think; some of the comments are interesting, the type that i'm looking for! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Don't like tinfoil - or sanctimonious old bats who take cash from papers. Bet she wailed all the way to the bank.

Why didn't she give the money to charity?

Come on, Gilly Babes? Did it go to Save the Children, Age Concern - or your passage on an all expenses paid cruise and mortgage paid off?

The nation awaits.