Saturday, 24 April 2010


I thought readers would like to see the cover of this weekend's 'Le Monde' magazine - hein?


Anonymous said...

ho jolly ho.

I have just been to see Private lives in London with Kim Catrall (wonderful) and Angsu McFadyen.

AM, as Elyot looks just like DC - fat pudgy face, prissy little mouth etc.
Quite the curtain warmer for the new administration, I feel.

Anonymous said...

Ho and double Ho.

Sunday Times features a two page spectacular on Watford with opining by Jeremy Clarkson and AA Gill.

Both state that Claire Ward is gong to lose but no mention of the sleeping dog, if we can call Cap'n Andy that.

Although AA Gill does preface his reference to Claire Ward with an account of a naked streaker. Could this be some oblique reference to towels and bunks?

Anonymous said...

Has Gormless been significant enough for Le Monde to have featured him ?

If so what was the tag ?

L'inutile seems apt.

Anonymous said...

I've always quite liked Sarko - especially since seeing that yummy photo of him aged about 26 in The Times. I like him even more because he - and the French - hate Cameron so much. This is hardly amazing given Cameron and Osborne's juvenile rudeness toward the Frecnh President.

If the Tories get in, at least you will have the satisfaction of living in a country where they are disliked by all sane and sentient human beings.

Anonymous said...

Ho and triple Ho.
'Posh' - the play about the Bullingon Club - or should I call it 'the Buller'? (sorry Boris!) has sold out in London! I am going to see it on May Day. You see, I am culturally preparing myself for the new regime.

This also calls for a few forays into Harvey Nicks and cocky tails in the Zebra Bar at The Ritz.

Hmm -- things are sprouting silver linings. It will be possible to posh up quite nicely for the next four years before slumming it with New Labour and Topshop again.

Anonymous said...

On Newsnight recently a real voter said that she would not vote for David Cameron because he had such a nasty shaped mouth. Well - EXACTLY!!

People seem to forget that the real secret of Tony Blair's record General Election victories was that charming chipped front tooth.
Can someone punch Gordon in the mouth before May 6th?

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find Nasty old Gormless punched himself in the mouth today:

“Oh, everything, she’s just a sort of bigotted woman who said she used to vote Labour.”

The stench of disdain for ordinary voters is overpowering.

Anonymous said...

David Cameron, however, just emits a stench.

He could clear the Tea Room in 20 seconds flat.