Tuesday, 20 April 2010

vote soon!

I am told that postal ballots will be going out from Lambeth on Friday, which does give me time to vote for Kate Hoey, which I am very pleased to do.  However as a resident in France but not a French citizen, I can only retain my vote in UK national elections for 15 years all told, and my residence in Lambeth, the last place I lived in the UK (and a fab one it is) becomes less meaningful as time goes on.  But that is another matter.

I have a colleague who is registered to vote in Reading West, and who will be doing so, I understand by proxy, and who is a genuine floating voter.  I wonder if readers can advise?  I have told him that if I were registered there I would vote Windisch, no contest, despite my disagreement with the Greens mainly on issues of foreign policy  However he will of course decide for himself.  I have another colleague who is registered in Cheltenham, and on researching the matter for her benefit I discovered to my surprise that the Greens are not standing there.  Cheltenham has had a LibDem MP, Martin Horwood, and the Greens are saying that he is excellent on their preferred issues and asking their supporters to vote for him.  Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

Who to vote for in Reading West? Hmmmm…………

Well, I am led to believe that one of the candidates is a bit lefty, but in a thoughtful sort of way, workaholic, Councillor who has really got under the skin of the community she represents, good at motivating volunteers but not always a team player, prone to being a bit lippy, and with great hair.

Sounds a bit like one of the candidates we used to be able to vote for in Reading East.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Kate Hoey is excellent and i am delighted that she is standing again.
Do you intend eventually to take out French citizenship - or dual citizenship if such a thing is possible?

jane said...

I'm, going to decide on citizenship about twelve months from now. France does not hold with dual citizenship, but as a British citizen by birth not naturalisation I can keep my British passport as long as I like. It took some time to get to the point where I could pass the language test for French citizenship, but I would like the vote.