Thursday, 22 April 2010

Reading West

Nasty Naz has not updated his website for more than a week now.  Has he given up?  Is communicating with the electorate no longer what candidates do?  And Anneliese is now pretending to live in Reading West, at an address I am told is that of Miss Lloyd, the cerebrally-challenged former assistant to Mr Salter.


Anonymous said...

National newspaper election coverage becomes even more bizarre.
Keving McGuire - he who so admires Teresa Pearce, is also a staunch fan of Chorley MP, Lindsey Hoyle.
Lindsey may have many estimable qualities, but has his re-election cmapaign really been assisted by a boxed entry in McGuire's column in yesterday's Mirror, lavishly praising him for reprimanding a constituent who had failed to pick up dog poo?

If that is the extent of Lindsay's contribution to Chorley in 13 years, he should worry.

Or had McGuire been on the sauce and used the poo to plug a hole?

Anonymous said...

The pointy-headed one has been out and about on the doorsteps trying to drum up support from the feeble minded.

Anyone But Labour.

Was said...

John Ennis appears to be panicking about losing his seat and is calling members in an increasing state of desperation.

Surely the People's Republic of Southcote is secure in the track record of its councillors?

The irony is that there are far worse Labour members up for election this year! No names, no pack drill!

jane said...

oh go on Was - Tory Tickner anyone?