Thursday, 8 April 2010

and while we're on the subject

of Public Impact (prop. former Cllr J.Howarth, remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?), Guido has this on the dodgy expenses of Sadiq Khan MP:

This morning’s Times is reporting that the Met are considering an investigation into the Transport Minister for a very dodgy receipt. Khan had his expenses claim rejected for birthday cards after the Fees Office  told him in no uncertain terms that his claim was against the rules.
khan and coppersKhan’s printing company Public Impact, run by former Labour Party staffersthen sent another invoice which Khan submitted to the Fees office. Crucially this one did not identify the bill was for greetings cards, the Fees Office coughed up for it the following month.


Anonymous said...

So what goes around etc.
There is a whole bucket of stuff on Khan - he is a snapper up of the unconsidered trifles of other people's hard work - with which he feathered his nest to get a seat.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah - the silver tongued Mr Khan.

In The Times, he pleads ignorance 'Not my fault, Gov - I was a new MP and we're a bit simple etc etc' or words to that effect.

Sorry, this guy is as sharp as a case of knives.
He is a lawyer - first employed at Christian Fisher and then a co partner of Christian Khan.

Don't tell me that a lawyer doesn't know the law. Tell it to the cops, Mr Khan.