Thursday, 29 April 2010

le singe est dans l'arbre

French schoolchildren learning English (which they are about as successful at as English ones learning French) learn an equally meaningless phrase (the title phrase means "the monkey is in the tree" for the linguistically challenged) namely "my tailor is rich".  Nobody knows why.  Pictured is the great Eddie Izzard, in Reading to support its Labour candidates.  Reading East.  Of course.  Is there another Reading constituency to get your picture taken in? But the Silly Boys haven't updated their website (which STILL says Martin Salter is "your Labour MP" despite my pointing out this blooper some time ago) and neither has Nasty Naz, in the latter case for about 11 days.  Oh dear.

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The Hooded Clump said...

Reading Banner just through the door. Obviously worried about third place as it is full of nasty comments about LibDems and Daisy.

Norcot Banner is utter shit. Looks like its been knocked up by some glue sniffing students. Top achievement in the ward is contacting a private company and asking them to tidy up their garage, which they havent. Great.

Very poor.