Monday, 12 April 2010

the fraudster's friend's head should roll

Cllr Richard Willis has posted again about the huge waste of council taxpayers' money in Reading because of a possibly corrupt but certainly inept scam involving the alleged use of biofuels by the Reading Buses company, which is wholly owned by Reading Borough Council.  Well, those whose job it is to expose these matters will I hope do so.  But it seems that the Reading Labour Group have learned nothing, they are still engaging in the politics of cover-up, spin and personal attack.  They still also do not get the concept of accountability.  Stuart Singleton-White, the fraudster's friend, the man who said that the electoral fraud uncovered in Redlands ward in Reading by Thames Valley Police was OK because there wasn't very much of it (how did he know?) was rewarded, presumably not for this, which resulted in a ward with three Labour councillors now being represented by three LibDems because of his support for the fraudsters, but for his enthusiastic promotion of the deselection of a sitting Labour MP, with the chairmanship of the board of Reading Buses, a salaried, publicly funded position in public life.  When the biofuels scandal first broke we heard nothing from Singleton-White.  Still we hear nothing.  Perhaps he has locked himself in his own attic?  Stuart?  Stuart?

Singleton-White is a decorated Falklands War veteran.  Not a lot of people know that, it not being fashionable in Reading Labour circles.  But I thought those men were brave.  Not all of them, clearly.

Duplicitous coward and fraudster's friend.

In the name of God, go.


Anonymous said...

C'mon, it was only council tax payers money - plenty more where that came from.

(cf Oxford road novelty street lights, the one way IDR fiasco, the curious case of the Green Road land swap, etc etc ad nauseam)

Anonymous said...

Has he got frills on his legs like pianos in the Victorian era?