Friday, 30 April 2010

Basher trashes Anneliese

here is what he has to say about the Eddie Izzard visit to Reading:

Yesterday something special. Its been in the papers so its not a secret.

Went with a some Uni students to see Eddie Izzard speak in support of the Labour Party. A great way to spend and afternoon.

Eddie was really refreshing, not too much gas and very straight forward, he should be standing for election.....

What's wrong with the parliamentary candidate you've got in Reading East Basher?  Sour grapes, think it should be you?  A week before the election and you start saying you'd rather have Eddie?  Srsly, leaving aside the abominable Howarth-esque spelling and grammar, why on earth did you do that?

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Anonymous said...

Well, obviously sour grapes but he's got one thing right. She isn't any good.