Monday, 26 April 2010

well, who did you think they would support?

now all the Tories need is to get the Master on side and the namby-pamby Doctor and his snivelling sidekick will be history


Anonymous said...

I have never like Dr Who and have always loved the Daleks. You know where you are with a Dalek. It is a still spot in a whirling world.

Anonymous said...

There is a cool, blue, unchanging elegance about them. Doctors may come and go - and to my mind, the loss of William Hartnell is still a blow - but a Dalek is eternal.

Anonymous said...

William Hartnell was the best. The story lines were much more interesting and educational in those days.

Anonymous said...

And his grandaughter Susan who was fab.
And that lovely coat with the fur collar.
And super grey metallic Daleks.

I did not like the trousers of Patrick Troughton.

Anonymous said...


Daleks wear skirts and therefore Daleks are female - unless they are Grayson Perry.

theflashingblade said...

Anonymous 00:27 I'm glad I'm not you, I don't think I would be happy to have called the Darleks girlies when they come.

Anonymous said...

Not long to wait, Flashing Blade. They will be with us in the early hours of May 7th.