Saturday, 24 April 2010

they call him slim shady

you know who I mean, the great Eminem that is.  Oddly enough it was Shaun Woodward MP, who I do not think is a rap fan himself, though I could be wrong, who introduced me to rap by telling me that a certain Tory candidate in the 2001 election had the nickname Slim Shady, thereby inducing me to listen to the song, having never listened to Em before.  Through white rapper Em I came to others, and to me rap is 21st century poetry.  The best rap is done with humour - nearly all Eminem's songs are funny - and now I listen mostly to French rap.  Did you know that seven out of every ten rap tracks released worldwide are in French?  One of my current faves is a combo called "Sexion d'Assaut" (work it out) with a ditty called "Casquette à l'Envers",  which means "Cap on Backwards", but I digress.

I was interested to note that Shaun Woodward himself visited Reading recently, to give support to the Labour campaign.  Apparently he visited the office in the Oxford Road and Martin Salter was also there.  No mention of Anneliese, locked in the attic again I guess.  I remember those campaign rooms in Reading very well.  Packed with men drinking tea and watching football on TV and sneering at anyone who suggested actually going out and contacting people.

I am told that that is what Shaun did, without the sneering though.  Might be a nice idea to go out and meet the voters, people.  People?  Anyone? (sound of tumbleweed)

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Anonymous said...

Shaun is a good guy, actually. All that butler stuff bounces.