Wednesday, 21 April 2010

vote very soon!

someone, who may be one of the Reading boys, has commented on the previous post to the effect that it is "disgusting" that I can vote in the UK.  I can understand people taking the view that you should vote where you live, and given the choice I would vote in France in national elections, but am not a French citizen so do not have that right.  But - "disgusting"?  Interesting choice of word.  Perhaps the commenter would care to develop the argument, or others would like to comment.  I haven't let the comment through because of some of its language.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting. It was of course the Tories who introduced voting for Brits overseas as they thought it was a more natural Tory territory, and who can forget Prezza and Glenda Jackson campaigning on the beaches of the Costa-del-Crime in 1997 for the ex-pat vote. It would be interesting if your correspondent could tell us why they oppose Brits overseas voting in the UK general election, if they have the ability to communicate in language fit to print that is.