Tuesday, 13 April 2010

it's diseased

I am always interested to read Rob White's blog, and this post presents me with a couple of insights.  First that when the Conservative candidate for Park ward, John Walker, was about to drive the wrong way along Cumberland Road Rob put him right, instead of doing what most politicians would do, and certainly what the Reading boys would do, which is to let him drive the wrong way and then tell the media about it, preferably also taking a picture on his phone which clearly displays the number plate of his car.  So if you needed another reason to vote for Rob in Park, apart from stopping the violent thug Basher McKenzie from getting elected, you have it here.  He is not like the other politicians, and these days that has to be a good thing.
update: I am told that the above did not take place quite as Rob White described it.  Let us leave it there for now.

The other discovery I made from the post is that Martin Salter was one of the speakers at the Nepalese community's new year event, which took place at the Warehouse on Cumberland Road, in Reading East obviously.  The event was on April 10th, after Salter had ceased to be an MP.  And it was in Reading East, a constituency Salter has never represented other than in his diseased imagination.  You cannot expect the Nepalese community leaders to bother about the prorogation of Parliament and such matters, but Salter should have done.  He had no business there, no platform and no position. If he had anything other than his own aggrandisement in mind he should have attended only in order to introduce his Labour colleagues who may not be known to the Nepalese community leaders and who hope to be elected either to Parliament or to the council.



St Martin S, Reading said...

As I have to keep reminding you, I am like Reading East's MP of Hearts, and always will be.

You were just an ephemeral elected representative.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Martin Salter had been invited to attend? Sounded like a fun event.

Why not post more about the other version of John Walker not driving the wrong way?

Anonymous said...

Picture of Jack Straw campaigning in Reading (not sure which) with Reading East candidate and Reading West candidate. And soapbox.

The party seems to be putting a lot of effort into the Reading seats. It was Harriet over the weekend.

Jonathan said...

The town centre is Reading East.