Wednesday, 19 May 2010


we are told (by His Master's Voice, so it must be true, eh Murrill?) that the LibDems and Tories in Reading have reached agreement on forming a coalition to control the council.  Will Zim One Lovelock be airlifted off the roof of the Civic Offices a la Ceausescu?  But better, at last the books will be opened.  The shredders won't stop till dawn.  Note to the boys in blue: former Cllr Dictatorship Dave "moronic members of the public" Sutton took a lot of papers home with him when he left.  You will find them chez lui at 22 Eldon Place Reading RG1 4ED.

In the name of God, go.


Anonymous said...

Are these the same shredders as used in Shreddergate?? Or do you think it will need the next size up...You Jane know better than anyone else!

Anonymous said...

At last The Libs and Cons are going for grown up politics. Should have happened at least 2 years ago..What happens to the Green in Park, will he go for " supply and demand" type of support? interesting times for Reading!