Tuesday, 11 May 2010

oh no

please please no


St Martin S, Reading said...

Yes! Yes! Oh Yes!

Guess who's going to the Lords.

Anonymous said...

Alan Johnson or Jack Straw. Both are solid and pragmatic. No need for knee jerk reaction.

Time for a poll Jane??

Anonymous said...

There is nobody suitable on offer. Can we run a leaderless party?

Anonymous said...


Isnt that what's been happening since 2007?

Jonny said...

Well I'll vote for Jon Cruddas. Got to keep my record of never voting successfully for a Labour leader

Anonymous said...

Whether we like it or not, it is going to be David Miliband.
And, actually, I don't like - but Harold Wilson is not standing; neither is T. Blair.

However, I have a horrid feeling that Ed Balls will fall on his sword in favour of his wife. Surname and all that.

Of course I want to see the next Labour woman Leader of the Labour Party.

But not Yvette Cooper who is, as I write, being hevaily talked up by The Guardian. At this rate we will have Baroness Bonk as Shadow Leader of the Lords.

Anonymous said...

It is going to be David Milliband - the bandwaggon is unstoppable.

Well - ok - not my choice but I will support whoever is the leader as and when elected. Sadly, the Labour Party only really gets off on undermining and campaigning against those selectd to lead - either as MPs or Party leaders.

When it changes this bad habit, things will only get better - but we've had over a hundred years of it to date and I fully suspect another century lies in wait.