Monday, 24 May 2010

my man on the Strasbourg tram says

Oona King got off it at the European Parliament stop last Wednesday morning


Anonymous said...

Well - La Di Da - as Annie Hall would say.

Shortly before the 2005 General Election ( and subsequent loss of her seat), Oona King burst all over the tabs voluntarily, claiming that an unamed male Labour MEP had offered her £10,000 for sex. QUite the Demi Moore of Indecent Proposal.

No doubt she will be claiming similar in an attempt to steal a march with her self-styled campaign for the London mayorality - pre trumpeted by King fanette, Jackie Ashley in The Guardian today. Oona has said that Ken Livingstone does not have a freehold on the role of Labour candidate.
She has said that she would be suitable because she is of mixed race and so are many Londoners. They are.And that she is a woman. She is. And we do have over 50% of them in this country.
What else can she offer? What qualities does she possess? what was her special contribuiton to public life as an MP for eight years - special enough to justify a further King infliction in a stonkingly well paid political role?

Oona - your salivating public awaits. Don't be shy, please.

Mr London Street said...

Very few Labour MPs have ever been quite as asinine on Question Time as Oona King.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you've never caught Peter Hain on QT then...

Anonymous said...

I have heard Reading's Labour Group on RBC called "Oonanistas". Well, at least I think that's what they were called......

Anonymous said...

Well - that's made my mind up.

Bring on the Ken!

Was said...

Or Caroline Flint... (#bbcqt)

Anonymous said...

Oh pretty perleeeeeze!
The woman dyes her hair blue.

Nuff Said.

Anonymous said...

Pumping Oona up again today in The Guardian.

Dave Hill is doing a fanzine online.
She stands as toast against BoJo - and also, I suspect, Ken.

Well - what has she ever won - except when she was parachuted in to a CLP that did not want her from the outset - three weeks before the 1997 General. So no two years of tough campaigning there then, Oona?
Her behaviour as a new MP on day one was objectionable - rushing round with an Early Day Motion for people to sign - when most of us didn't even know what an EDM was.

Notice she says nothing about Glenys Kinnock these days. Not fashionable enough.
But it was G who employed her originally and stood as her mentor to get a seat.
Kinnocks not good enough for Oona now.

Why not feast on the stars or something etc...

Anyhow - feasting or not - the pie and chips of the Kinnock days are long lost and best erased - memories for Oona now. Oh - and what has happened to her 'Advice' regular surgeries in her old constituency? She promised to continue them - and did so until her posh friends ( not Kinnocks) stumped up and got her lots of media work/ book contract/ tv spectaculars and a high level Channel 4 Exec job.
But not quite high profile enough for Oona - so back on the regular chat shows with the Mayorality. Labour will probably select her so I hope Ken reprises his initial triumph and stands as an Independent.
Either which way, with Oona in the mix, it will muddy the vote and hand the role again to BoJo.

Gosh and cripes! Being a Dulux Dog is rather hairy these days!Tops that the King Filly will stand. It will keep me in my bunk with lots of tuck! ( oh cripes and treble criperillas! That sounds like a hint of the Watford Bonker - Lady BunK! Quad cripers! qnad extra horlicks and jolly pink rodents to boot!
And a jolly stonking wee wee all round!!

Anonymous said...

The Lady Oona commandeers a whole page in the People's Guardian today - with the launch of said Blessed One's London mayorality campaign.

Clad in white, the Blessed One reprises Michelle Obama by announcing from the podium of a school ( with the People's Guardian in attandance). The article is glutinous - talking about 'the unity candidate' and 'pasison' - 'ability to connect' etc etc.
Article also quotes admiringly, said Blessed One's childhood ambition to be Prime Minister, lisped charmingly at the maternal knee.
This is all such sick- making crud it drips off the page. If anyone else were to confess to a pre-pubescent desire to be Prime Minister, the People's Guardian would be sending for straight jackets and padded cells.And this would be gleefully echoed by every Glenda Slag on every national newspaper and political blog in the land.

Fortunately, even if the Labour party is foolish enough to seect her, we still have the sanity of the voters to rely on.
So come on Ken!

Obama she aint - of either gender!

Anonymous said...

Dear me. And
'Nuts about Hazel' has temporarily replaced Dianne on the Portillo sofa!

At least dear Ann Macintosh has been re-elected.

She's a good woman - a good MP and has been vilely trerated by her own Constituency Association. They did their damndest to de-select her. No doubt they will try again ( they always do!) but at least she has won a respite. And as she has increased her majority it is one in the guts for them!

Bullying of female MPs is not always confined to the Labour Party. Ask Nick Hawkins and Bob Spink.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have the astringent Roland White pouring acid on Mrs Cooper Balls's leadership fantasies.
Tthe bouncily-challenged one has opined (no doubt for a feee) in The People's Guardian that it is terribly spiteful for commentators to say she has bottled out of leadership elections. And that we have to 'watch this space' for when her kids have grown up and she has more freedom for such adventures.

R White is amazed that the words 'Leader' and 'Mrs CB' should even be linked.
He states that she has achieved one major policy objective. HIPs. Rightly loathed and detested. The Coalition is scrapping them. Quite right too. Now I can die happy, having agreed with the Big C on one thing. I have another that is a candidate - hold this space and then sleep easy for five years.

Anonymous said...

Ho Hum - slime-dripping profile of Oona today and front cover photo in G2.

The People's Guardian is faced with a dilemma. On the one hand, the line of the paper is to be the sainted-one's campaign manager - on the other, interviewer, Kira Cochrane finds said sainted - one's vacuousness a step too far.
So Cochrane admits through gritted teeth that, actually, sainted one is not saying anything - about anything and the most exciting part of the interview is sainted one's cat, Merlin, retching on a hairball.
Many entrancing vignettes - repetition of sainted one's ambition - now at age five!!! to be PM - admission of sainted one that as a child, she would skip around singing 'I am so happy' and inclusion of deathless comment that listening to Gordon Brown speak was better than sex.
Promises to be a wonderful mayoral campaign. All we need now to keep Oona on her mettle is for the noble Grender to stand complete with rippling chins, loo brush hair and undulating calves.
And the tinkling bray of a well-trained hyena.

Oh golly, Boris - you and Ken had better go to the bunker. A bumpy ride awaits1

Anonymous said...

And now we have a new sainted one! Step forward, Caroline Nokes MP - who has run her toyboy since 2006 - just for occasional sex, we understand! Last time being after a particualrly dreary Commons debate last week. So what is a girl to do, apart from texting 'I am bored to tears' to said lover and then having a lovely, invigorating bonk at the Kensington Hotel on taxpayers' dosh?
Nokesy is right up there in the Wilma league, stating that many admirers have said she is 'too pretty ot be an MP'. And of ocurse, she has recently signed the latest Christian marriage and fidelity pledge along with many of her other new Tory female MP colleagues. But what will her local Association in Southampton do, following the revelations?
Nokesey's mummy has stated that said Nokesey has a very strong marriage and that something as trivial as a four year bonk on tap feste will certainly not disturb the marriage.Indeed so. It is only excellent female Tory MPs such as Anne Mackintosh who has never put a marital foot wrong that have to undergo the humiliation of countless de-selection attempts.Well - this is not good enough I say!
Step forth, Southampton Seaside Taliban! Stop sucking your rock. The values of the cake stall and tombola are at risk!And lets show some solidarity to the Tory bonkstress who has put Edwina to shame!Knickers aloft - salute that happy morn - or porn! And a happy coalition was had by all!

Anonymous said...

Nokesy is now ruling the internet! Or rather, Nokesy commentators. The lady has been rather free with her favours in the past - in the interests of a Liberal approach to Conservatism, we understand.

Best comment attributed to David Maclean - ex Tory Chief Whip : Has anybody not 'encountered' Shagger Nokes at Conference?'

Seems like the toyboy has been signed up by someone: he has confirmed 'sexual relations' - but has otherwise remained tight-lipped - no doubt anticipating a payday on Sunday.

But will it be executd by the pork-pie hatted one in The Screws or The Mail on Sunday?

Mail pays bet so that is my bet!
Poor old Baroness Bonk will be losing her crown. Summon the armed forces I say!

Anonymous said...

It was the Saturday Mail.

Anonymous said...

Black Dog tells us that there is another female MP shagger on the loose.

The Tory totties have worked up an appetite for it on all those hunts and sitting on all those hay bales.

Anonymous said...

But 'Nookie Nokes' ( Mail on Sunday) is attempting to see off all rivals in the shag feste stakes.

According to The MOS, her sleepy little constituency of Romsey ( ocne so placid under the care and control of the excellent Sandra Gidley) is now bursting with sex and scandal - poison pen letters to the media - you name it. The Association is preparing a petition for de-selection and good on them!
Less time being bored on the green benches and more time for rumpy pumpy in the hay bales! Skirts ahoy!!