Saturday, 8 May 2010

bye bye Basher

Basher McKenzie, failed in Henley and failed comprehensively in Park ward, says on his blog that he will "carry on".  Carry on doing what?  Park has three councillors, whose job it is to represent the people who live there.  Currently they are of three different parties, which might even lead to better representation, who knows, than they have had previously.  So if Basher comes to your door ask him why and tell him that you already have councillors, thank you very much.  Let him throw punches at people who are smaller than he is elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Well He has managed to come second!ummm...couldn't let a Tory come second, wouldn't look good, would it?? Oh boy oh boy...Sutton was definitely wrong about the people of Reading, some of us are not moronic and can read through results!

Anonymous said...

He says he lost by 600. Though it was 574. Maths not his strong subject. Not accurate about anything, except the number of legs he has.

howard thomas said...

Victory for Basher in Henley.....he succeded in keeping the deposit .....this time !