Saturday, 22 May 2010

oh dear

the list of MPs' accounts with the Parliamentary Catering Department which remained unpaid for more than 90 days as at 1 September 2009 includes the following:

Salter Martin £184.25

tsk tsk

that's quite a lot of pies, bottles of champagne, pints of Websters, nips of Speaker's Blend Scotch, sandwich teas, whatever your preferred poison is.


Anonymous said...

Yes - but small beer in comparison with the £40,000 he purloined from the taxpayer on a fraudulent claim for a non-existent flat from 1997-2001.

Personally, I'd be prepared to allow him the £184 perk - in return for the £40,000 of ill -gotten gains.

Anonymous said...

Problem is anon 23:16, all expense records prior to 2004 were "conveniently" disposed of by the incumbent gov. of then. Understand even Tony Blair was relieved at the exercise.
Unless Jane knows of any other sources, we will never be able to pin him with it! Problem is how gullible Reading people are/were. On the doorstep, he was hailed as the other saint of Reading on expenses!

Anonymous said...

The alternative Salter story is well known to the media - problem is that they are all too chicken-livered to even ask him about it. I find this really odd. He receives more media protection than the Queen.

Anonymous said...

And, you know - with all that 'bovver - innit' accent, I would have thought that he was mroe of a Fergie - and would have been an ideal target for the fake Sheik.

Or the Pork Pie Hat King.

Come on Screws - frightened of an ex baggage handler are we?