Friday, 28 May 2010


hasn't gone away, though he is on crutches (oh dear, tries to keep straight face, a just punishment for what he has done to others) and is still describing himself as "the Labour candidate for Park ward" - they are selecting their candidates early this year! Think so?


Anonymous said...

Like ex-labour leader of Reading, Dave Sutton, Basher McKenzie must think residents are morons.

Who would be stupid enough to believe that Reading's new Lib:Con coalition could be responsible for bus shelters not having been replaced when the coalition was voted in just 2 DAYS AGO?

Answer: the illiterate Basher McKenzie

Was said...

The bus shelters were removed when the Labour council decided to change the contract last year. I hope Basher will be writing a damning condemnation of Labour policy and delivering it to all households.

Anonymous said...

Like that's going to happen Was!

Anonymous said...

"If they do the opposite of everything the last lot did then they'll be on the right track..
Stephen B, Praha
28/05/2010 at 15:15"

Comment on EP website re: new Council. I think Stephen B has a point..

howard thomas said...

Was...............Just wondering, but why is it that RBC award the contract to supply the bus shelters? Why are the shelters not provided ,one way or the other, by Reading Buses?
Seems odd to me!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Basher has gone away. I just spotted him on the front in Sandown, Isle of Wight. Still on crutches, but helpfully wearing a red t-shirt with McKenzie written on the front.