Saturday, 1 May 2010

my sentiments exactly

As so often, Oliver Kamm puts my views better than I can.  Here he is on Gordon Brown and next week's election:

This is a feeble, unimaginative, incompetent and intellectually incurious Prime Minister, whose hapless, cynical and dysfunctional government has debased the notion of public service, coarsened public life and forfeited any claim to public respect, and I shall be voting for its return to office next Thursday. 

My reason for voting Labour (in fact I already have, by post), is, apart from the fact that Kate Hoey is an excellent MP with a commendably independent turn of mind and is one of the very few on the Labour benches to speak out about the atrocities in Zimbabwe, that a Tory government would keep Britain out of the euro.  This is similar to Oliver Kamm's view, though I would not presume to speak for him.  I doubt that this view is shared by many UK voters however.  And yes, I know that no party, including the LibDems, has pledged to take the UK into the eurozone. 


Jonathan said...

If I lived in Vauxhall, I might vote for Kate Hoey as well, but I live in Reading East so I don't have that choice.

Has anyone seen Dr Dodds or Nasty Naz recently? They seem to have abandoned Reading to a two way fight between the Tories and the Lib Dems.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for Kate too, just on the strength of her treatment at the hands (or gob) of Gorbals. A decent enough MP.

Nazbar only pops out for celeb visits it seems of late. Perhaps he got an autograph book for Xmas.

Anonymous said...

I went to see Posh at the Royal Court today.

Jane might be interested in reading the playscript - available from The Royal Court.

The world of Cameron Britain is all there.

Not a joke , not 'funny, posh old Bullingdon'.

Terrible - can't explain enough unless someone has read or seen it - but think 'Remains of the Day'.

Apres le deluge is and what a deluge .

This isn't a funny post.

What will probably happen on Thursday isn't funny - this is not about alternative policies either, although they aren't desirable. This is serious and we need to re-visit the mindset of the 1930s for an immediate parallel. Otherwise, we just look wider to the dark underside of this country - and what people don't want to speak about or tell you - from both the Bullingdon and not the Bullingdon perspective.

Be very afraid - and I don't mean that in the usual journo smirk sense. Not this time.

Vote Labour. Wherever you are.

Anonymous said...

Michael Martin was a decent enough Speaker too - not 'Gorbals', actually. He was made the fall guy for the expenses scam - and I wonder why that was?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was Mrs Duffy's fault ?

Anonymous said...

Gilly Babes has lost all credibility. She has trousered £80,000 and is on the way to canada to visit her relatives. They can barbecue her.