Tuesday, 4 May 2010

people of Woodley!

you may have missed the recent gems penned by former Labour councillor, former lead councillor for transport in Reading and now recipient of fat contracts from Reading Borough Council for, er, transport, yes I mean J. Howarth Esq. prop. Public Impact Ltd (remember "Your Better Off With Labour"?) - so while he portrays himself these days as non-party-political, he is clearly not.  He has chosen to mention Woodley in one of the sudden rash of blogposts which have appeared in recent days, and he describes it in the following way:

Woodley, an eastern suburb

Oh dear.  Oh dear oh dear.  He doesn't know Woodley, that man, does he?  When you vote on Thursday, people of Woodley, remember that.


Anonymous said...

Just had a look at his original post and saw that, just a few lines later, he refers to "bear breasted ladies" - he MUST be taking the piss, surely!

jane said...

yes, the images that conjures up are bizarre indeed. Why on earth does he not check his stuff?