Monday, 24 May 2010

I was a bit shocked

by this picture, published in Le Monde's weekend magazine.  There are other cartoons on the page, which has a British theme because there is a new government in the UK.  For those who do not read French, the man in the picture is intended to represent then President (in 1992) Mitterrand, and the Queen is of course intended to represent the British state.  This is what it is saying old Mits thought he was doing at the time, and his speech bubble says (and if there is a play on words in French it is beyond me) "Can you feel it babe?  My Maastricht Treaty?" The cartoonist says his editor refused to publish this in 1992, but he is making that up I fancy.  But would a British medium publish it now?  And what would their reaction be?  Readers' reactions welcome.

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Anonymous said...

FM was well known as a sexual player. Don't think he'd have fancied Her Maj.