Thursday, 13 May 2010

surely by now...

my limited experience (I have never personally lost an election) is that it is when you win that you get overwhelmed with stuff to do, new responsibilities etc, and things get neglected.  When you lose you start glumly clearing up the next morning.  However that is clearly just me, because the Reading political sites I link to on here have just about without exception failed to update since the election, or to do so properly - Basher still describes himself as the candidate for Park ward, the Silly Boys have not updated since 3rd May and still have "Martin Salter, Your Labour MP" on the sidebar, which may not even be legal, even Rob White still describes himself as the candidate for Park ward and for Reading East.  Mr Salter himself,  who may or may not be in Australia, blogs cheerfully on the Telegraph site, nonsense like "the coalition won't last two years" and has time to post daily, and yet his own website remains out of date and neglected.  Mr Howarth rarely updates his site anyway, although there is a post which reminds us that he thought a hung parliament most unlikely, and that if there was one a Tory minority government would ensue.  The Reading boys.  F***ing it up for a generation.

What a waste.

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