Sunday, 2 May 2010

we will bury you

I wasn't going to post this, which is from Ben at Harry's Place (look away now, Anonymous 1129 previously, the poster might be one of DA JOOZ, not that you would know from its content) but now I have.  It is about the Guardian.


Mr London Street said...

A toe-curling read about a very self-deceiving demographic. Guardianistas couldn't bury a hamster.

Anonymous said...

Well done for posting this, Jane.

The Guardian is a nasty, miniscule circulation little rag written by tossers who sip lattes swathed in cardboard and WEAR BACKPACKS AND TRAINERS WHEN THEY JOG TO WORK.

During this election campaign, Labour has had more help and succour from The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, as usual. By the way, did anyone read Peter Hitchens' brilliant page dissing Cameron today - placed strategically after the editorial page - and designed to undercut the 'official' vote Tory line?

No surprise that The Guardian has done what it has done - it was always a milk cow for the Liberals. But it is damaging because, for some crazy reason, LABOUR PARTY ACTIVISTS DO READ IT, TREAT IT LIKE THE BIBLE AND WILL HAVE LOST HEART AND MORALE BECAUSE OF ITS TREACHERY AT A KEY TIME.

What is worse is what has become of that once great paper, The Observer now it is run by The Guardian.

Let us not at this time, go into the awful falling off of journalistic standards - or The Guardian's naked ambition - which is to close The Observer and have a Sunday Guardian!
We can return to that after Thursday.

For now , sod off Will sodding Hutton , you clapped out old saddo,
Just do one, as they used to say in dear departed Brookside, you team of tossers who wrote the editorial and have a quarter of a cheer for Nick Cohen for emitting a squeak of support for Labour.
I don't actually like you Nick - you have some very dodgy friends - but if you leave The Observer and The Guardian stable, there is the makings of a half decent journalist in you.

And please can we stop being such cruddy snobs and raise three cheers for the Daily Mirror?
despite the fact that, for the last 13 years, Labour wouldn't even wipe its collective backside on it, preferring to tart up to The Sun. The Mirror has fought a brilliant campaign this time as always.

Well done that man, Routers for writing excellent pro Labour articles day in and day out.

The only blot on the landscape has been the presence of that louse McGuire, but I hold my nose when I come to his bits.

It is now time for Labour to bid farewell to the bad ship Guardian and all who sail in her.

I hope it is forced to close down - and if Labour supporters now refuse to buy it, we're well on the way!
Unsold copies can easily be distributed, house to house in place of loo paper - an excellent and evironmentally sustainable solution for the new Tory 'Blue/Green' world it has worked so hard to achieve.

Rest in Hell.

Anonymous said...

I see the contest to get your recriminations in first has opened early.

Less of Khrushchev's "we will bury you", more of Shaggy's "It wasn't me".

Anonymous said...

Who does last Anon regard as 'you'?

Sorry, matey, some of us wised up to the fact that The Guadian was an embarrassing and poisonous comic about a month after the famous victory of 1997.

We have since seen no reason to revise our view - and this has not a whit to do with whatever may happen on May 6th.

This is just a super oportunity to convert others to our view that The Guardian is a low circulation crap-feste and sould be closed down for humane reasons. If Dave is prepared to add his weight to this worthy project, then maybe I can forget his pouchy cheeks, and irritating habit of saying 'abowwt' in the overwhelming gratitude of the moment.