Tuesday, 11 May 2010

how glad I am that I was not there

at the Reading Labour GC last night.  At the Civic Offices.  At public expense.  It started at 1900 with a "political" meeting, chaired by the chair of the party, currently Trish Thomas.  Someone tells the members what the election result means.  Then the party votes on who it wants to have the Labour Group positions.  This has been stitched up over the weekend.  At 2000 the party delegates left and the Labour Group met (the tenses in this post are deliberately all over the place) to elect its leadership and officers.  Was, who is a councillor and thus in a position to know, tells us that no room was booked.  The Civic Offices' meeting rooms, including the council chamber, not being exactly fully occupied on a Monday evening, the boys just troop in and take possession of the room.  This is arguably the most poisonous Reading Labour meeting of the whole year - and it has some competition.  So who has paid for the room?  The council chamber does not come cheap.

Bunch of corrupt scumbags.

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jane said...

oooh what horrid creatures you are, I have not let your comments through because this is a family blog, but apparently two of you thought the word "scumbag" was childish, so you thought you would use it about me. The rest of you thought links to porn sites and gun sites were good ideas. Oh dear. This is pitiful stuff. One of you even said "Glad you couldn't make it". Er, do you think I would have been let into the room?