Thursday, 13 May 2010

the surge is happening

in my Labour leadership poll of course.  The surge is on behalf of one D. Miliband, so that is the line.  I understand that Blinky Balls is considering standing, as is E. Miliband (who seems to have more political nous than his brother does, which is not saying much) and so is J. Cruddas.  As for remarks about the dress and appearance of women in politics, twas ever thus, get over it.  Mrs Cooper-Balls is not standing, and why there are those who object to her so strongly I have no idea.  A reader has noted the presence of Ann Coffey at the D. Miliband launch, and cheered me greatly by reminding me of an incident (which I witnessed) in the Smoking Room of the House of Commons, when Ms Coffey, who had had a good lunch, fell backwards over a leather armchair, splitting the fishnet tights she was wearing from thigh to toe.  How we laughed.


St Martin S, Reading said...

You're just so MEAN!

johnf said...

Why can't we vote for Yvette Cooper? Or John Cruddas?

dreamingspire said...

Mrs C-B gives the impression of engaging mouth before brain, and I have not heard (on radio and TV - never closer than that) anything worth remembering from her. Brown, although hated by apparently quite a lot of women, did say things worth listening to and also memorable. Harriet H has got a lot better with experience, at least in the things that she says on radio and TV. Ed Balls and Alan Johnson I find narrow minded and dogmatic. John C I have no memories of listening to or reading about. I agree with you, Jane, about E Millipede.

Anonymous said...

All the Millipedes are worse than stick insects . I rather like the latter.

Mrs Cooper Balls is very sniffy and uncollegiate.
Also, I have never heard her make a decent speech in her life .

Hats would be wonderful.
Head and shoulders above the fray of both sexes.

Anonymous said...

Oh the dear much-loved Smoking Room - scene of many delightful episodes of 'cross party working' - although we were rather more radical - adopting a Labour/Conservative 'coalition'.

Oh those lovely teensy-weensy bowls of cheese squares and peanut clusters - and the setting for the most bizarre parliamentary event of all - the exploison and implosion of Marsha Singh - accompanied by firecrackers, ten pound notes and straight-jackets - and photographed with such loving care by The Mail on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Well - I trust that Marsha will not be a contender - although in certain circumstances, he definitely has a strength of purpose that will brook no thwarting - and an admirable ability to stick to his chosen topic!

I have had a thought about the lack of female challengers for the leadership and have come to the conclusion that the present miserable dearth may not continue.

When Parliament resumes, we will have regular PMQs on Wednesdays - taken, for Labour against Cameron, by our Acting Leader, Harriet Harman.

Harriet is rather good at PMQs. She might very well kebab our shiny new Prime Minister.

And then, how could she resist the calls to stand after all?
I suspect that this might be her game plan.....

Anonymous said...

And, Ho Ho!!

Leadership contest not until September.

Weeks and weeks and weeks for Hats to rule the roost against Bullingdon Boy at PMQs. Time for her to respond to requests to stand 'by acclaim'.
I think in due course, after she has become not only Leader but also, Prime Minister, she will be loathed and hatd in equal measure - just like the dear departed Mrs T.

I can see it all.