Tuesday, 4 May 2010

ah now I see

I remember them using this line in 2005 too, and it reappears in the Silly Boys' literature today:

In 2005 enough people voted LibDem in Reading East to let the Tories in.

Ah, so that is why Reading East got a Tory MP in 2005!  I did wonder. Well, silly old me! Nothing else had anything to do with it!  Scales fall from my eyes! 


Anonymous said...

It got a Tory MP because the Reading Labour Party de-selected the Labour MP who had won not only once, but twice - increasing the majority in 2001. And the NEC backed the decision of the Reading Labour Party 100% - when they could have reversed it.

Labour MPs Gwynneth Dunwoody and Gerald Kaufman - also Sir Jeremy Beacham, supported the coup in literature at the time.

The sitting MP was replaced as candidate by a convicted sex offender who was even condemned by the producers of Coronation Street in three naional newspapers.

Nuff said.

Don't airbrush history.

The Reading Labour Party is not the Politburo - although it has clearly had the same devastating effects for ordinary people who would, actually, like a good Labour MP to represent them and their families.

Anonymous said...


suggests clearly that voting Labour in Reading East this time leaves you with a Tory MP, whereas the Lib Dems actually do stand a chance of beating Wilson.

Anonymous said...

If that's the choice, might as well stick with Rob Wilson.

At least he has been a sound constituency MP and has stood up to the Salter bullying just as Jane did.

Lib Dems are shit heads wherever they stand.

And they could teach Labour and the Tories a masterclass in dirty, unrpicipled politics and the abuse of the trust of ordinary people.

Don't get conned by the Cleggster. At least most Tories, with the exception of David Cameron - are recognisable memebrd of the human race.

All Lib Dems are strange creatures from outer space like Lembit Opik and go funny when elected - ie bottom pinching, drinking and seeing aliens even when not pissed.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:25 Lots of Lib Dems were saying that they were the only chance to beat the Tories in 2005. Were they? No. All they did was help the Tories win the seat gifted to them by the foolish behaviour of Reading Labour.

Lets see, the Lib Dem supporting Guardian says the Lib Dems are the best chance of beating the Tories in Reading East. Rob Wilson must be rubbing his hands. That guarantees enough stoopid Guardian readers will vote Lib Dem to make sure his majority is over 4,000, which is what we're looking at.

Stoopid Guardian, stoopid Guardian readers.

Anonymous said...

Producers of Coronation St.Condemned by?God What was that all about?

jane said...

he said that the offence of which he had been convicted (gross indecency in a public place, namely sex in a toilet with another man) was nothing serious and no worse than what happens on Coronation Street. Those responsible for that show were not amused.

Anonymous said...

That can't the nice tall gentleman who came around and knocked on my door the other day and did not appreciate what I had to say to him about his mob in Reading! HIs demeanour soon changed..God, how did he keep his seat on the Council then? An embarrassment to his party surely...or not??

Anneliese D said...

No-one cares, Jane.

Anonymous said...

Quite right too.

Norris would never go in for that sort of thing. And whatever would Minnie and Martha say.

You have to watch the execrable Eastenders for that goings on of that nature.

Anonymous said...

It is a family show and goes out before the watershed. The potential Reading East MP was not suitable before the watershed. Also, because of his convictions, he would not have been allowed, as MP, to visit any school etc unless his disclosed past met acceptability criteria from the school heads etc. So MP speaking at prize giving etc would have been very complicated and bear pitish.

Anonymous said...

Labour tactics have been wrong. They have been emphasising the similarity with the Lib Dems, when they should have been promoting Labour policies and achievements, and differentiating themselves from Lib Dem ignorance.

The 3 Labour ministers who have been encouraging people to vote Lib Dem tactically are worse than those 3 who called for Brown to be replaced a few months ago.

St Martin S, Reading said...

My good friend Tony P, also of Reading, reckons you're all just a bit jealous because you haven't had as much action as he's had.

Anonymous said...

No-one cares for you, Anny - as you will discover in sharpish time.

Anonymous said...

Joke - What do Anneliese and the Dodo have in common?

They're both extinct.

Anonymous said...

Bad candidates, bad organisation - their way or no way. They have an idea of who they want involved (at the top end) and won't entertain anyone outside of this narrow view. They're quite happy to use the likes of your's truly to dish out the leaflets (at the coal face) but God forbid that such as me get a look in elsewhere. Career politicians the lot, so why - oh why - did I put my cross in their box today? Because I know that the alternative is worse and in the misguided hope that people like me can make a difference. Didn't vote for them last time because I thought they treated you appallingly and I don't agree with voting for sex offenders. The Labour Party is dead, long live the Labour Party!

Anonymous said...

I rather agree with last Anonymous.
Problem is, no matter how terribly it behaves and how truly venal it is, for some of us, unfortunately, the Labour Party is family.
Not family by marriage like husbands etc - you can divorce them and they simply become airbrushed court. Because they were 'add ons'.

But blood.
You might hate you mother or your father or your sister or brother or your kids. And not speak to them for ten years.
But you will always go back because, in the end, they are you.
And it is the same with the Party.Tried, really hard to get away from it - but it returns to get you in the end.