Wednesday, 12 May 2010

kitten heels

looking at the UK Cabinet as the names emerge, I don't know why, but I did not imagine Theresa May as Home Secretary.  I once out-shoed her at the Woodley Carnival btw.  I had on leopardskin print kitten-heel mules.  I've still got them.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't surprise me - they had to give a woman something senior and she has been the most senior of the Tory women - excepting the wonderful Anne W , now departed.

BTW - can someone, somewhere put a moratorium on the horrendous phrase 'we are where we are' repeated ad nauseum every time some jerk opens their mouth.

At one point I could not herar the phrase 'joined up Government' or 'roadmap' or 'I have gone on a JOURNEY' without wanting to turn into an exterminating Dalek. Now it is this one.

Help and respite, please, asap!

Anonymous said...

I see where you are coming from, Anon 1455, but at this moment in time you need to chill out, and go and find yourself in the scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or has Theresa May put an enormous amount of weight on her knee joints?

Or perhaps it is the terrible clothes combo she wore today as Home Secretary.

In 1997, she entered Parliament in a blue suit redolent of Thatcher circa 79, rather than 90, complete with pussy bow and white hair streak.
She was nicknamed 'Badger Head'. A few years down the line, she had donned the kitten heels, plus some pacey leather trousers and a rather dashing red leather jacket.Now she has chosen to wear a matronly sack, tied up in the middle like a string parcel. I suspect the material of being either crimpelene or gabardine and the hair looks as if she is welcoming the grey.
And she has clearly spent the election gorging on jaffa cakes.

Anonymous said...

Who'd be a woman in politics?

Savage comments about Mrs May's appearance. Has anybody noticed that Nick "Daves Fag" Clegg always wears the same blue suit.

Also while I'm on one why do all the men wear plain ties?. No stripes, patterns or spots. Please help?

Jonny said...

On ties. I don't know if technology has improved, but I was always told to wear a plain tie, as patterns and stripes can blur on TV

Anonymous said...


How do newsreaders etc getaway with it?

It must be how they are perceived by the public?

Please help?

Anonymous said...

the ties look very plain and cheap. look at hugh edwards on bbc news always nice and classy

Anonymous said...

Not savage. Actually, T Mayy looked excellent in the leather trousers and jacket. Ad really modern and nice.

Why, oh Why does she now have to dress like an escapee from Cell Block H?

The Home Office should be the most exciting and on trend department. The Secretary of State should reflect that in every sense.

Jonny said...

Anon 12.03. You have reached the limits of my technical expertise, a broadcast engineer is required. I always found telly embarrassing, as I am only 5'6" on a good day. In order not to look a wally on camera by looking up at the remarkably tall women South Today seemed to send to interview me, I had to look straight ahead, lending me a thin sheen of gravitas. As a result I always ended up staring at cleavage while trying to talk about recycling or tree planting.

Anonymous said...

She's going to need to be tough.

Today's Mail on Sunday fixates upon her aide - who has starred in a chick lit sex romp.

But if T May thinks that she will head of the typical sexist stuff attaching itself to a female Home Sec ( re-wind, Jacqui Smith/cleavage etc) by dressing in gear more suited to the boiler room , then she has fallen at the first fence.

They are going to do it anyway!
So spit in their eye and kick ass in the Home Office with six inch stilettos and a leather mini skirt.

More fun and certianly more confident!