Friday, 19 November 2010


Baroness Oona King!


Anonymous said...

Assuming you are not attempting to trick us all with an early April Fool then of course I am not surprised.

It used to be said , unfairly that 'those who can, do, those who can't teach'.


'Those who can, do, succeed as an MP' ( provided, of course, that they have the support of the great and good plus just a smidgeon of talent).

And 'Those who can't , succeed as an MP ( despite having the support of the great and good but minus a smidgeon of talent) go into the Lords'.

And so with Oona.
Here endeth the lesson of the day.

Jane Griffiths said...

punctuation a bit of an issue here, but leaving that aside, I saw this in The Times (behind Murdoch Paywall of Death) so it must be true

Anonymous said...

Well, of course, it solves Labour's problem of what to do with her, doesn't it?

She will not settle down and shut up, occupied quietly as Head of Diversity for Channel 4.

The mega bucks salary for the above is just not enough in itself.
Unless she is pacified, she will simply carry on popping up in unsuitable roles - as failed applicant for the post of London Mayor for example.
And she will keep surfacing on tv 'spectaculars' about Ed Miliband, trotting out that old chestnut about NOT being 'too cool' to hang out with geeky old Ed.

And she will carry on being wheeled out by Womens' Hour on topics such as sexism in the House/Blair Babes the next stage etc etc etc.

Of course, she will probably do all of the above as a Baroness - and she can continue in her mega bucks job too, so no worries about job seekers' etc.

But at least the great and good will be able to pick up the telephone at all times of the day and night and know it will NOT be Ooona, squeaking 'Oh HI. You know, I seem to have changed my mind; had a re-think;re-charge - WHATEVER. I rather feel that I WOULD like to be the candidate for Old and Sad ( or fill in the appropriate seat)after all. Ok? So THAT'S all settled then? Thought so! Byeeeee.'
This will now not happen and honour can be justified on all sides. What a great relief.

Anonymous said...

Its official 'Oona Is The One'

Along with The Crumpet One.


Now selection contests will be able to put somebody else last!!!!

St Martin S, Reading said...

Not fair.

Jonny said...

Baronet Oswald Ernald Moseley! (Sorry, it's just the use of the word "Baroness sets me off on one)

Anonymous said...

That OK, St Martin.

When you have got tired of fishing in foreign climes, you can resume your political career and come last in selction contests nationwide, now that Oona has vacated that spot.

Anonymous said...

Wonder how she got chosen for these.

Innate talent I suppose.

And you can quota me on that.

Anonymous said...

No - not quotas - just lots of chums in high places.

Anonymous said...

Despite her flaws, she was the only one who had the guts to oppose facist and racist Ken for the nomination.
Lots of good people (Harris, Gavron, Lammy etc.) ducked out and supported Ken for tactical reasons.
Unfortunately she campaigned on Ken's age and inner-city bias, rather than his links with Trots and Islamo-fascists.
The peerage is probably a result of her attempts.

Anonymous said...

She has an interesting range of campaign topics and themes.

The campaign against Galloway was waged on some grounds of sexual misconduct - I think the allegations were withdrawn.

ALso, I think that David Lammy is quite confident enough to oppose racists wherever he sees them - he is not a friend of Barack Obama for nothing - and he chose to support Ken Livingstone. Why should we insult his intelligence by impugning his reasons for the choice?