Tuesday, 23 November 2010

the man who wasn't there

Congratulations to His Master's Voice, who have now changed their lying story about the "1000 Labour activists".  There's big brave soldiers, haven't we been grown-up?  The comments are worth a read too, Cllr Epps getting his panties in a wad about LibDem policy being made up as they go along, or typed by monkeys on infinite typewriters, or something, and someone else threatening to expose the identity of "PC Watch" - is there anyone left in Reading who doesn't know?  And there of course is the lovely Basher, who informed us on Sunday that he would "report" on a meeting for Park ward parents concerned about school catchment areas, due to take place that evening.  If you "report" on a meeting that rather gives the impression that you attended it, hein?  Call me old-fashioned and all - I am told by one who was there that Basher was not.  Hard to imagine why he would miss that meeting, as he has been "spearheading" (HMV) the parents' campaign.  His idea of spearheading seems to be staying at home and writing increasingly irrational and bizarre blogposts - when they start posting in white on black you know they are starting to lose it (Was, this means you too, "fetid dingo kidneys", forsooth).  Anyway, stay at home he did, and he has been spending his time slagging off the coalition running Reading - when in fact the only body which can have policies which can make any difference at all to anything that happens municipally in Reading is the council - which is run by the coalition, Labour now being ineffectual and in opposition, reduced to a corrupt rump of fat-arse no-marks (step forward, Cllr Lovelock).

Where was I?  Ah yes - "supporting Park parents" - the only ones I have seen doing that have been the Reading East Conservatives, whose chair attended the council meeting where there was a motion on the subject, and who was called "Wokingham scum" for her trouble by - yes, the lovely Basher (who has in the past been a guest in her house, what a nice man he is).  I am told, variously, that Basher was told by Park parents that he was not welcome at the meeting because he attracts adverse publicity, and that he was also advised by his political bosses (remember, "Your Better Off With Labour") to stay away so as to let the story be positive for Labour instead of being negative about him and his thuggish behaviour.  Well, hush my mouth if I lie.  This is what I have been told.  If there is another reason why he did not bother to attend the meeting to support east Reading parents, let him tell us himself, hein?  

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