Sunday, 7 November 2010

Labour in Reading "wrong" says its Facebook administrator

Reading and District Labour Party I am optimistic. One of the advantages of doing the Facebook page for Reading Labour is the ability to interact with the young, new members and relay there thoughts and hopes back. Clearly you are correct in your feeling that Labour took wrong directions but now we're in opposition both nationally and locally we need to look at rebuilding our grassroots support, become more active in the community and re-build the party as a positive progressive party. In regards to your specific questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail us and I will forward them on to the chair.

The above is the last post in response to me from young Duncan Bruce, who is the Facebook administrator for Reading Labour. I note "clearly you are correct in your feeling that Labour took wrong directions". He is not wrong there. And courageous in saying so. Shutting down comments on Reading Labour's Facebook page however is not. courageous that is.



Alex Chalmers said...

I was able to comment. Attempts at mindless vandalism are not witty or courageous and do not make any difference or add to your credibility.

jane said...

so I noticed, Alex. twitter stalking could be thought to be an "attempt at mindless vandalism" I suppose, but I would not have thought it worth getting upset about. Plenty worse happens in politics. So perhaps Dunky could apologise for it and you could all move on. Have a nice day.

Jonny said...

Duncan should know the difference betwen "there" and "their". Sigh.

jane said...

No, this is the official orthography of Reading Labour - remember Mr Howarth and "Your Better Off With Labour"?

Anonymous said...

Oh. Ho. Wrong directions forsooth?

And what might they be?

De-selecting a Labour MP who had increased her majority and replacing her with a convicted sex offender?

I think we should be told.

Anonymous said...

Jonny should be able to spell 'between'!

Double sigh !

Jonny said...

I do apologise, Anon. I could claim the coward's excuse of a typo; but I have been reading rather a lot of Miles Coverdale recently, and I must admit that the variable spelling of early sixteenth century Puritan scholars is rather infectious.