Friday, 5 November 2010

OK now this is serious

the hate website has been publicised in today's Times because it published a list of MPs, present and former, including yours truly, who voted for the Iraq war back in 2003, and instructed readers to kill those people.  That list was taken down at some point after midnight or so last night, and the link to purveyors of kitchen knives to use to stab said individuals has also disappeared.  The host of the website does not have to take these things down, because it is hosted in the USA, where the constitution makes it diffcult for the authorities to deny freedom of speech in this way.  And I am not going to start living like Salman Rushdie.  But the website is truly hateful.  I know there are plenty of them out there, but I do not spend time looking at them, however I have looked at this one.  It contains, with plenty else, a pledge to kill all Christians in Iraq, and it calls on Muslim women to arm themselves and to kill "Jews and Christians".

I was looking at it on my iPad on the tram this morning, and while I was discreet it did not worry me.  I would not have done this in London.

Nice, hein?  After the slaughter in a Catholic church in Iraq and the attempted murder of Stephen Timms MP.

Still  happy, Guardianistas?


Anonymous said...


I know it is not related to the Timms attack and not related to Iraq - but too many people have forgotten the fact that Nigel Jones MP was attacked in his constituency office and his assistant was murdered in front of him by a man wielding a samurai sword.

This utterly destroyed Nigel who was never the same again.

Yes, MPs get a lot of pigshit thrown at them. They are supposed to be greedy trough swilling animals, raking in dosh for a job that any old idiot could do ( NOT).
But they are supposed - unlike any other individuals practising any other professions in this country - to have all their addresses and their personal info available for any old crackpot to access. To include details of the fanily home and telephone numbers.

In Nigel and Stephen's cases, these attacks occurred in their open- to - the- public constituency surgeries.
What a stink would be kicked up if MPs refused to conduct open walk-in surgeries - or insisted on police protection etc. What a stink.

But in what other job is being murdered part of the JD?!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you have nothing to fear, this is the religion of peace we're talking about, right ?