Friday, 26 November 2010

I guess they feel scorned

what always strikes me about these pictures is how much weightier British marchers are than French ones

anyway. I think the message from this banner is clear.  These little loves feel betrayed.  They thought Nick Clegg was going to - what exactly?  Rail from the opposition benches at a "Tory scum" government or a "Labour warmonger sellout Bliar" one?  I picked this picture up from a Facebook page not entirely unconnected with Reading Labour Party.  (Sue me.)  The comments are hilarious.  One of them said "Tell you what.  Let's give middle class families subsidies and not let poor kids of single parents go to university."  I think the person was trying to say that the Evil Coalition is trying to do that to the British people.  Er.  That's what already happens.  That's what you, as middle class kids, receive.  State subsidy.  That's what you are campaigning for.  More of it.  For you.  Not for people in mock Burberry and cheap jewellery who go to tanning salons.  Oh no.

Get real.  (Hat-tip AQC).  If you voted LibDem it was presumably because you liked their policies.  If you liked their policies you wanted them to be in government.  Didn't  you?  Er - anyone?  Anyone?  (sound of tumbleweed)

Now - this is more like it: in France they let working-class people join in.


Anonymous said...

Not the same ACQ found here?

Jane Griffiths said...

seems to be the same chap!

Anonymous said...

Please can someone who knows about politics explain to me why a bunch of people who call themselves "Anarchists" are demonstrating for greater *state* funding for education?

David Akroyd said...

Remember the Lib Dem manifesto pledge to "scrap unfair university tuition fees for all students taking their first degree" (page 39).

Now it turns out that the Lib Dems were secretly planning for months before to rat on this promise. Perhaps people are entitled to feel short changed.

Stoneham Old Boy said...

Jane, you are a one!

I particularly like the class comment at the end. You are, of course, absolutely right on this.