Tuesday, 16 November 2010

no by-election has been called!

in Oldham East and Saddleworth, how many times do I have to say this!  So, no matter what the LibDems are doing there, I do not believe the Labour Party should be behaving as if they are in the middle of a key by-election.  On the day Phil Woolas seeks judicial review of the previous court decision.  A correspondent who is a Labour Party activist in the Midlands says this:

they are behaving as if we are in the middle of a key by-election - even one in a seat previously held by a Liberal MP. It is as if Phil Woolas never existed. I wonder if the swine are happily tramping past his constituency offices with their loathsome leaflets etc?

Sally Bercow isn't quite my cup of poison, but, hats off to her for standing up for Phil. And hats also off to John Bercow for holding firm.
I suppose most of all, I despite those little creeps and creepettes who will have received the 'call' and happily abandoned family/work/ to run off and canvass - no doubt thinking it would earn them Brownie points for future selection applications.

in response to this communication from Labour North-West.organiser Noel Hutchinson:

Thank You.

over the weekend more than 100 people responded to my email and came out campaigning in Oldham East and Saddleworth.
Your help is making a real difference here. The party is really grateful and local people in Oldham and Saddleworth have mentioned how great it is to see Labour highlighting the government's broken promises.
But the Lib Dems are hard at work putting out leaflets and knocking on doors. We cannot let their claims go unchallenged and with today's news that Greater Manchester Police is cutting over a quarter of its workforce, despite Lib Dem pledges, we need to hold them to account for their broken promises.
I am making a personal request. Just a few hours of your time will have a huge impact.
We can only keep up with the Lib Dems with your help.
will you come to Oldham?
Our campaign centre is open seven days a week from 9am until 7pm and a map is available here.
The address is:
Unit 3 Bizspace - Saddleworth
Delph New Road
Please email us at oldhamlabour@gmail.com or call the campaign office on 0787 2417 249 to let us know when you can make it.
Thank you.
Noel Hutchinson
North West Regional Director

Leaving aside the desperate tone of that message, some of us remember what happened when Fiona Jones was convicted of an election offence.  I was in the Chamber when Madam Speaker announced the conviction to the House and declared the seat vacant.  I remember the relish in her voice, the nasty old bitch.  And I remember when Fiona Jones was exonerated on appeal and came back into the House.  I remember the Government Chief Whip turning her back on Fiona.  And I remember what happened to Fiona later, may she rest in peace.



Anonymous said...

Nobody wanted to sit next to Fiona when she came back into the Chamber after winning her case. And that remained so until she lost her seat in 2001.

The Tories know that they have absolutely no need to persecute Labour MPs who are vulnerable in some way.
Labour is brilliant at self-butchery. Not so hot at disembowelling political opponents.

Anonymous said...

There is a curious phrase in that letter....

"..today's news that Greater Manchester Police is cutting over a quarter of its workforce, despite Lib Dem pledges".

I think that policing is a matter for the local Police Authority in Manchester - nothing to do with central government. Maybe that's a problem caused by (Labour run) Manchester City Council?

Anonymous said...

"Nobody wanted to sit next to Fiona when she came back into the Chamber after winning her case."

Why was that, Anonymous 12:11? I thought her troubles only really surfaced later, after she was shunned.

Jane Griffiths said...

Fiona was persecuted by some vile creatures in her constituency party, that is why the whole thing happened. No-one in the national party would help, and too many MPs seemed to think bad karma would rub off on them.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, I see, thanks. I didn't realise that she had fallen out with her Constituency, and was therefore in the process of becoming an Un-Person. Those coments make sense now.

Jane Griffiths said...

she did not fall out with the constituency, nor even with the constituency party, she was just undermined and ultimately implicated in a criminal offence, by a few individuals who were jealous. This is how these things work.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is.
It is always presented as 'failed to 'get on' with her constituency party' - as if the fault lay with the MP.

Actually, it would be good to look at it from the point of: 'There are several, sad, sick and destructive people who simply can't bear the fact that someone else is in a post they would love to have - even though they are in no way qualified or suited for it'. These destructive individuals should simply be 'taken out'.

But in reality, they are always cossetted and supported and believed and the Fionas of this world are taken out - in her case, terminally.